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Hi, our names are Michael and Carol Gage, and we are construction specialist and owner team for C&MGage Construction.

We are excited and honored to be able to bring to the public C&MGage Construction. to help meet the rising needs our communities face to update or maintain existing homes, businesses and commercial properties, to be more suitably convenient for our everyday lives and to express our individuality, in our busy world.

A family-owned business, as husband and wife, we make a great team!

Both of our work backgrounds have tailored us both for our positions at C&MGage Construction, perfectly.

Together, we are committed and dedicated to providing a professional construction service to, ours and the surrounding communities, that is professional, honest, courteous, hardworking, considerate, bringing satisfaction to every project. We provide only excellent customer service every time.

At C&MGage Construction, though we are a new company, we are anything but new to the trade or services, with our lead construction specialist having 20+ years experience in landscape and construction services along with 12+ years as a skilled and graduated carpenter, a journeyman.

We provide our clients with superior, excellent and professional services that will go above and beyond to ensure quality, and satisfaction all around. We are delighted and committed to providing the high quality workmanship desired for this next project!